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Pure Morocco Trips is a travel agency created by a family from the desert of Erg Chebbi in the region of Merzouga in the south East of Morocco. We have a long experience in coping with various tastes worldwide. We are offering you all you wish for your tour across Morocco. We will accompany you through amazing trips full of comfort and adventure that will make enjoy your vacation to its fullest. With our team of professional guides, comfortable transportation and luxurious accommodation, we invite once in a life time to a the warm welcoming and hospitable country of Morocco.

We organize great expedition

all over Morocco that include walks and camel riding across the desert. You just need to choose your destination, and we prepare the route for you with whatever you might need even the slightest details. If you can’t choose, we can provide you with our own selection of amazing trips that the Moroccan country provides. In our country  you can find mainly all the components of a beautiful panorama: the beautiful big mountains of the Atlas in the middle and the Rif mountains in the north and the beautiful beaches spread beside two great seas,the vast deserts in the south which provides great impossible encounters between the desert and great green oasis full of palmtrees. if you are in love with ancient architecture the Kasbahs and castles of Morocco will amaze you. The remote Amazigh (Berber) villages will provide with a very simple life.

Pure Morocco Trips

will get you into the rural The remote Amazigh (Berber) villages will provide with a very simple life. You will enjoy the company of nomads and explore their life as you have never seen it even in Hollywood movies. The first thing they provide you with is a simple cup of mint tea which is the welcoming habit in the rural villages of Morocco.

Join us to Pure MoroccoTrips and will show you another Morocco as you have never seen and a life you have never experienced.

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